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It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the website of International Management Institute Kolkata, which is one of the three Chapters of IMI, India’s first corporate-sponsored Business School. The information presented here is only a part of our continuing effort to serve various stakeholders such as students, alumni, industry partners and our constituents in the business community.

The founders of IMI have built IMI Kolkata with a clear objective to promote significant opportunities for students to learn, grow, and most importantly, develop and hone multiple skills across various disciplines of management. At IMI Kolkata, we innovate and encourage our students to achieve..

We believe that learning should be an enjoyable process that allows students to develop their goals and aspirations, and provides them with constant support and the required study ambience to achieve those targets. Our academic collaborations with a number of business schools and universities abroad reveal an important dimension of our international focus. In a span of seven years, our graduates have shown evidence of becoming world citizens. They also nurture respect and a sense of achievement. They have developed ambition and pride themselves through excellence. They are our greatest ambassadors!

The disruptions due to the current pandemic conditions have affected firms widely. It is important for managers and other stakeholders to recognize the characteristics and patterns of disruptions, as undesirable outcomes may be caused if such patterns are not identified and understood. Counter measures to mitigate the risk of disruptions have a cost. Any form of disruption may impose the greatest risk to a firm’s value. It is believed that with access to such knowledge and technological advances, managers may be able to assess firms’ investment opportunities appropriately to mitigate the most material risks. IMI-K’s academic objectives are mostly in the light of preparing our students to face up to the many disruptions we often observe in businesses.

For IMI Kolkata, an international research focus is inextricably linked with effective management training. It is our objective to support companies in a changing world by combining theoretical progress with their practical implications in business. Indeed, we believe that close co-operation with the business sector and our growing alumni network are the essential preconditions for understanding the needs of the corporate sector and contributing to the world of knowledge in business. The combination of theory and practice has always been central to our teaching and is anchored in an integrated manner in our academic programmes. Research is a major priority at International Management Institute, Kolkata. IMI-Kolkata’s full-time faculty members have been consistently working on the creation of new knowledge. The aim has been to contribute new insights to the national and international academic communities on the one side and to provide innovative contents for teaching on the other side. With this perspective, the institute constantly endeavours to upgrade its intellectual capital and the know-how and skill levels of its faculty team

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to welcoming you into the IMI Kolkata experience as we continually position ourselves to help our stakeholders achieve their potential.

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