IMI Kolkata is happy to announce commencement of our eMDP from January, 2019. eMDP are short duration management programmes aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills of executives while offering them flexibility and convenience of learning. These programmes use different interactive platforms involving multiple technical partners to deliver value added learning to students and/or executives within a shorter period of time. Thus it is a favorable option for working professionals. The programmes will also enhance the leadership and management skills of the employees. 

IMI Kolkata aims to use digital platforms enabling one to one interactions between faculty and participants. Use of these platforms will help deliver a classroom like experience while also enhancing the quality of education imparted. 

Our eMDP programmes are aligned to the needs of industry thus aiming at proficiency and competency of executives.   The management programmes are also specially designed for the corporates whose employees can be at par with the constant innovations occurring around the globe.