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IMI-Kolkata has Been collaborating with CIMA(Chatered institute of Management Accountants),UK,for research focused on exploring linkages between corporate social responsibility and firm performance.

The Institute has a collaboration with oxford University in Carrying out research, training and consultancy in retail management.

Research Projects.

The institute faculty members are working on a project on water and sanitation, which is funded by South Asia Network of Economic Research Instiutes,through a world Bank sub-grant and is managed by Bangladesh institute of developmental studies.

The Institute faculty has been working on a project on energy/water nexus funded by USAID(United States Agency for International Development) and managed by Tetratech ES.

The Institute has also conducted several MDPs (Management Development Programmes) for senior executives from India’s retail sector.

Research and consulting

Organizational Behaviour

Research activities incorporate group dynamics, organizational changes, effectiveness, performance management, cross-cultural management with respect to the global project.

Finance and Economics

The research activities pertain to contemporary issue in macroeconomics, banking, infrastructure financing and volatility in financial markets.

Marketing and Strategy.

Research in this area concentrates on internet marketing ,retailing ,consumer well-being, consumer culture theory,etc. Consulting experience in this area includes market definition studies, media planning, advertising and retailing.

Information Technology

The research activities are currently focused on e-commerce, online trust bulding and e-governance.