Student Clubs at IMI-KOLKATA

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Consulting Club

The range of career interests spans over a wide spectrum of consulting areas including management consulting, domain / vertical focused consulting and internal consulting roles within organizations; the Forum anchors to imbibe the best practices by

  • Equipping the students with the tools and resources necessary for careers in the consulting domain
  • Creating a forum for information exchange between industry executives and students.
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Marketing Club

The Marketing Club of IMI-Kolkata seeks to not only provide students with a clear perspective on marketing issues, but also develop their own opinion. The philosophy of the club is to help its members go beyond the horizons of textbooks and gain valuable insights from real-world interactions. The club undertakes several activities including quizzes, advertising games, brainstorming sessions and guest lectures.

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Operations Club

The Operations Club acts as a forum for continual interaction of the corporate world with the student community for effective conceptualization of business ideas and operations research while working towards preparing the students for a career in operations management.

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  • To conduct intra-college level competitions of different sports like Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Carom, Cricket, Football etc.
  • To conduct inter-college level competition and to encourage inter-college level sports activity
  • To organize sports training camps and spread awareness of importance of sports activity .
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Social Media

This club helps individuals and to explore key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other. Social Media Club enables students to explore their personal and professional passions by helping them connect with a community of peers based on areas of interest.

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HR Club

The HR Club will not just be focused on HR as a specialization but also help see the HR function as a domain that encompasses all the business areas. It will therefore draw students from all functional disciplines, encouraging them to use this forum for developing behavioural and interpersonal skills.

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Finance Club

The Finance Club conducts activities like stock market simulations, quizzes, and discussion groups on various contemporary issues in financial management. Besides this, it invites eminent business professionals for guest lectures.

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  • Managing and organizing cultural fests
  • Nurturing talent in fellow students.
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Residential Affairs Committee, IMI Kolkata
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