The candidates will pursue a number of compulsory courses in different areas of management spread over 3 trimesters in the first year. The courses will be of 3 credits equivalent to 30 hours of classes. After the first 3 trimesters the candidates are required to prepare a summer paper during the period April-June.

On successful completion of first year, during the 2nd year they are required to pursue 4 compulsory courses and at least 5 elective courses during the 4th and the 5th trimester. During the 6th trimester they are required prepare a seminar paper. The candidates will appear for CE at the end of the 6th trimester and on successful completion, will commence their thesis from the 3rd year. At the end of the 2nd year they are required to prepare their thesis proposal during the period April-June.

Compulsory Courses

Following is the list of courses one has to pursue in the first year. However, waivers may be given for some courses as per the decision of IMI Kolkata Research Council.