About IMI-KOLKATA Alumni

The Alumni Relations Committee works relentlessly to strengthen the bond between IMI-KOLKATA and its alumni for a mutually beneficial relationship.
One of our ongoing endeavours is maintaining and upgrading the database as our alumni footprint increases every year and existing alumni grow in their respective careers. We leverage the deep connect that we have with our alumni by inviting them to be a part of our Summer Internship & Final Placement processes.

The Alumni Relations Committee manages the online channels of communication with the alumni through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and the alumni portal.
We conduct Chapter Meets across 5 different cities across the country: Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad& New Delhi in the months of April & May. These meets see participation by our alumni from across the 4 regions of the country & is also an opportunity for students selected for the 2 year programme to interact with the illustrious alumni of the institution.
We come out with our annual flagship magazine CONNEXION, the launch of which coincides with our Annual Alumni Meet-‘Smriti’. ‘Smriti’ which is held in the IMI Campus, gives the alumni a chance to take a trip down the memory lane and reminisce about the moments they spent while at IMI-KOLKATA.
Connexion sees a vibrant mix of alumni & student achievements, alumni interviews & college happenings all compiled by members of the committee. Besides this, we also design and create quarterly newsletters which encapsulate the events, seminars and guest lectures that happen in the college.
To aid students to step into the corporate world, we organize mock personal interviews & interactive sessions for preparing them for their Summer Internship & Final Placements. Our alumni give the students an insight into corporate culture and practices, giving them a better perspective of what the industry expects out of them and making them corporate ready.

One of our fresh initiatives recently has been the SIP Connect – Alumni Mentorship Programme, which aims to connect the first year students selected for Summer Internship Programme (SIP) to our alumni belonging to the same organization, well before the commencement of SIP. As participants of this initiative, it is a great opportunity for our students to gain first hand insights about the organization in which they would be pursuing their summer internship.
The Alumni Relations Committee always aims to have its alumni contribute to the college by aiding in the admissions process for the new batch of students, by being a part of the admission panel and selecting some of the best students from across the country. During the induction week of the new batch, we give the students a glimpse of their rich alumni base by inviting alumni to interact with the fresh set of students so that the students can draw inspiration from them & learn from their experience as they embark upon their 2 year MBA journey.
We also invite our alumni during the academic schedule for guest lectures on thought provoking topics under the Business Thought Leaders (BTL) series. It acts as a great chance for students to benefit from their rich industry exposure.
To underline the above, engaging alumni with their alma mater and bringing them closer to IMI continues to be our unceasing pursuit