Sl. No. Programme Title In Company / Open Management Development Programmes Dates Duration (in days) Programme Director
31Training Of Allahabad Bank PosAllahabad Bank2013-10-21 To 2014-01-1890Sarojakshya Chatterjee
32Building and Leading High Performance TeamsGarden Reach Shipbuilding Engineering Ltd.2013-10-07 To 2013-10-082Nandita Mishra
33Training Of Allahabad Bank PosAllahabad Bank2013-07-01 To 2013-09-3092Nandita Mishra, Sarojakshya Chatterjee
34Performance Development & Sustenance CESC Ltd.2013-06-20 To 2013-06-223Rachana Chattopadhyay
35Communication ImperativeOpen MDP2013-06-14 To 2013-06-152Nandita Mishra
36Developing Wealth Creating MindsetCESC Ltd.2013-02-22 To 2013-02-232Rachana Chattopadhyay
37Finance for Non-Finance Professionals in Energy SectorOpen MDP2013-01-28 To 2013-03-3062Paramita Mukherjee
38Corporate Governance: Emerging TrendsOpen MDP2013-01-16 To 2013-01-172Tirthankar Nag
39Building and Leading High Performance TeamsGarden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.2013-01-14 To 2013-01-174Nandita Mishra
40Mid-Segment Credit Management UBI Bank2013-01-14 To 2013-01-174Sarojakshya Chatterjee