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Entrepreneurship Education in India: A Critical Assessment and a Proposed Framework

Author :Dr. Rituparna Basu

Publication Date :2014/8

journal : Technology Innovation Management Review

Volume : 4

Issue : 8

Pages : 5-10

Publisher :carleton University


Entrepreneurship education is considered as one of the most influential forces that determine the health of the economy. Hence, ignoring controversies on whether entrepreneurship can be taught, the majority of the top business schools in India offer entrepreneurship education with tailored elective courses to inculcate a wide range of skills encompassing a multi-disciplinary approach among mature management students. However, considering the basic synergies of core management subjects such as marketing and entrepreneurship, both of which provide an opportunity to develop unique solutions to satisfy customer needs, the study of entrepreneurial aspects as a prerequisite for management education and research seems indispensable when specifically catering to the growing entrepreneurial intent in developing economies. This approach necessitates a compulsory initiation of entrepreneurship courses early in the curricula of contemporary business schools. In this context, the present article aims to qualitatively review the current entrepreneurship education regime in India to propose an effective ecosystem for integrating and promoting entrepreneurship education as fundamental to mainstream business education in India.

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