Research Papers | Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship | 2013
Management Practices of Ambidextrous Organizations

Authors : Chatterjee Devjani and Sabyasachi Patra

Publisher : Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Publication year : 2013




This paper outlines the critical differences between two ambidextrous innovators on the basis of two case studies. Two multinational giants CA and CB are studied, where CA uses the processes of exploitation and exploration within the same unit while CB performs ambidexterity in specific and separate departments. Strategic decision making processes, strategic flexibility, incentive system and leadership styles are studied. The results show that both the companies are very high in rationality and non-monetary incentives are given more importance than monetary incentives in both. Whereas, the study also shows that CA is higher in interactive control systems and participative leadership than CB; This research also shows that CA is highly interactive in nature while CB is low in interaction, CB is bolder than CA w.r.t. decision making; managerial flexibility is higher in CA than in CB and lastly, the result shows that CA is more participative and people oriented while CB is more directive and task oriented in nature. Devjani Chatterjee
Identifying the Need and Implementing the Change Process through Collaborative Decision Making. Journal of Organization & Human Behaviour (accepted). Chatterjee Devjani and Sabyasachi Patra
Leadership in Innovators and Defenders: The Role of Cognitive Personality Styles in Shaping them. Industry and Innovation 21(5), 2014.

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