Research Papers | Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, Germany | 2013
Strategies to improve urban water delivery in West Bengal, India: An analysis of water institutions and benchmarking of water delivery organizations

Authors : Tirthankar Nag

Publisher : Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

Publication Place : Germany

Publication year : 2013




The study examines the status of urban water delivery in India through a case study of the state of West Bengal in India. The state has been selected as a unit of study to bring out the regional variances that are not captured at a more aggregate or country level study. The study focuses on various types of urban local bodies in the state, the organizational and institutional structure for water delivery and issues around them. The study also benchmarks various urban local bodies for their water service delivery through data envelopment analysis. The study finds that in the current state of fragmented institutions and shared responsibilities between various water organizations, there needs to be a focused policy guideline for integrated development of the water sector in the state. The study also identifies certain categories of urban local bodies, for which there are further scope for efficiency improvement .

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