Finastra – The Finance Club of IMI-Kolkata



Our Vision at the Finastra is to assist IMI students in understanding job opportunities available in the financial markets. We provide forum to assist students in building interview and networking skills. Involve each student through practical experience to understand the application of theory to practice.

One of the most important tasks of the club members is to remain updated on all aspects of modern day finance and financial institutions. The members are encouraged to do research in all areas of finance, including financial markets, instruments, institutions, and regulations and analyze the impact of the same on other sectors.


  • Foster an environment among PGDM students that encourages continuous learning and discovery of recent trends and developments within the field of investment banking, non-banking corporate finance, & private wealth management.
  • To cultivate interest in finance as an academic discipline as well as promote it as a career option of choice within the student community at IMI-K.
  • To support IMI-K thought leadership, participation and recognition in the field by assisting an increasing number of IMI-K PGDM graduates pursue an exciting career in or related to finance industry.
  • To provide continuous guidance and counselling to the students regarding careers in finance and assists the student community in preparing for their recruitment interviews, summer internships and final job placements.


The club organizes various activities like:-

  • Seminars on important and contemporary topics
  • Panel discussions and expert committee review
  • Organizing Guest lectures by inviting the practitioners in the field.
  • Providing the research and development topics.
  • Organizing debate, role play, simulation exercise.

It conducts workshops and speaker sessions wherein the students are provided with an opportunity to interact with reputed names from within the industry.It is also involved in organizing finance-related competitions and events.

Finastra also serves to "funnel" the students in exploring the various challenges & opportunities from a business perspective. The club’s activities cover a broad range of verticals within finance such as

  • Investment banking
  • Securities
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance &
  • Microfinance

Brief Description About Activities Conducted During Sessions

  1. Introduction about the club – its mission, vision and values and information related to different fields in Finance domain in which career can be pursued. Information regarding professional degrees and certification which could add value to this specialization. A quiz covering some finance concept and relevant topics. Sharing of internship experience by seniors and winner of logo competition.
  2. A panel discussion on the “Impact of Union Budget 2014” in which faculty members were invited as panel members. Some of the students made a presentation on the highlights of the budget based on which the discussion proceeded. The discussion was very interactive and helped students connect to the overall happenings of the economy.
  3. A presentation cum discussion on “Sectorial Impact of Budget”. This session discussed the impact of budget on each industry and how it would affect the most prominent companies in that industry. This session helped student see the impact of the macroeconomic decision on industry level, company level and individual level. Another quiz relating to the last weeks happening was conducted to encourage students to go through the financial daily and keep them abreast with the current happenings of the economy.
  4. Introduction to Stock Trading where students were given a platform (ICICI Direct) to perform live trade. The students were shown how to register and perform live trading based on real time news. The concept of how to value and select a stock was explained. The concept of limit buy and sell, Margin buy and short sell (Future contract), Buy today & Sell tomorrow etc. were also explained to students to assist them in the trading. They were given a week’s time to increase the value of the portfolio.
  5. The heads of Finastra were assisting the students for the whole week in the problem they faced while trading. In the concluding session the students were given a cumulative score based on the portfolio value and the turnover. The simulation got overwhelming participation and response from the students.
  6. APresentation cum discussion on “Valuation of E-tail v/s Retail” in which the students made presentation on the topic using different financial information and ratio which fueled the discussion. Two presentations were made, one on comparison of Amazon vs Walmart and another on their Indian counterpart Flipkart Vs Big Bazaar. At the end of the discussion, students were addressed by Dr. S.Poddar, on the opportunities and key areas to focus in finance domain.
  7. An open discussion on “Short Term Stock Selection”was conducted during the period in which ICICI Stockmind contest was conducted. The students were given an idea about how to select the sector and industries based on their nature (cyclical and defensive) and also the trend of the market (Bullish and Bearish). They were also shown how to analyse and evaluate Sectorial index like Bank Nifty, mid cap index etc. Finally, news based indicators which affects stock movement in a short period of time were discussed.
  8. A quiz cum extempore session on “Financial scams” in which the famous Satyam scam, Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh Scam and the Rajat Gupta Insider trading scam was discussed. The session was divided into 3 rounds for each scam and each round had a quiz and an extempore round regarding the scams.
  9. A debate cum discussion on the “Performance of Modi government after 6 months in Power”. The session quantified different measures taken by the government and how it will affect the perception of “Ache Din” as promised by the government.
  10. An interactionon “Innovation in Finance” in which several new financial products were discussed and debated with special focus on Securitization, Collateralized Debt Obligation and Green Shoe Option.
  11. A recap of all the activities performed in Finastra over the last year and also to discuss the methodology of selecting new heads. A competition was also floated regarding preparation of roadmap for the next 5 meets of finastra which would form a crucial part in selection of the heads.

Feedback Part 1

Students having more than 50% attendance in Finastra(30) are eligible for giving their feedback. The results of the 7 questions of quantitative feedback are as follows:

ResponsesOverall Percentage
Rate the method of instruction/way of conducting the club 71%
How far the club was able to benefit or fulfill your interest 75%
Does the club activities relate with the functional domain that it operates in 79%
Rate the heads of the club 85%
How do you rate responsiveness of the club 81%
Rate the club ethics with respect to biasness,inclusiveness,transparency,etc. 85%
Rate the overall performance of the club 78%

Feedback Part 2

Students having more than 50% attendance in Finastra(21) are eligible for giving their feedback. The results of the 7 questions of quantitative feedback are as follows:

ResponsesOverall Percentage
Rate the method of Instruction/Way of conducting the club 83%
How far the club was able to benefit or fulfill your interest 74%
Does the Club activities relate with the functional domain that it operates in 79%
Rate the heads of the club 83%
How do you rate Responsiveness of the club 78%
Rate the Club ethics with respect to business,inclusiveness,transparency,etc. 85%
Rate the overall performence of the club 78%

The above feedback is based on the percentage of students, on an average, who gave positive feedback regarding the variable/factor associated with the club. The qualitative feedback has been discussed in the SAC meetings and suggestions are implemented in the following club meetings. Feedback- Part 1 had been taken after the first five sessions of the club and Feedback- Part 2 after the next 6 sessions.